Tasnuva Tabassum Oshin

Some of my Best Work


C programming Basic Challenge

Objective: To improve C programming Skill and To Practice Programming. Platform Used: Code Blocks, C. 
Supervisor: Mr. Nayem Islam, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of CSE, DIU; Project Files: link

CCNA Project On Security

Objective: This is a Cisco Packet Tracer Based Project on Security issue Where user can secure data transformation.
Platform Used: CCNA

Supervisor: Mr. Rakib Hossain, Senior Lecturer, Dept. of CSE, DIU

Project Files:  link

 Telephony System In Simulation -website

Objective: Telephony System is one kind of algorithm in Simulation & Modeling Course. The user can solve Telephony System math using this website.
Platform Used: Raw PHP, HTML, CSS, JavaScript, Database MySQL
JavaScript, Google Cloud 

Project File: link

JSON Data Parsing Analysis In Android Studio

Objective: JSON Data Parsing Analysis is needed API work and this project is all about API with JSON work . ; Tools Used: Java, JSON, Android Studio ; 
Supervisor: Md Jueal , Lecturer, Dept. of CSE, DIU ; Project Files: link

Bytecode to Image & Video in Android Studio

Objective: A Android App which can covert Bytecode to Image and Video;
Platform Used: Java , Android Studio , JSON, Cloud Storage ; Time Spent: 2 Months+ ; Supervisor: Mr.Jueal Mia , Lecturer, DIU ; Project File :  Link

A Dynamic Website Book Reader Site

Objective: It’s a simple Dynamic Website to Manage User . ; Platform Used: Html.ss, Php, JavaScript, Database MySQL . Xampp; Time Spent: 1months+ +;Supervisor: Mr. Anup MMazumder, lecturer, Dept. of CSE, DIU ;
Project Files: link